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Oct. 16, 1942              Enlisted in Army Air Corps, New Haven, Conn. Pvt., Enlisted Reserve Corps, Inactive

Feb. 24, 1943              Called to active duty. Reported to Aviation Cadet Examining Board Hq. 6th Recruiting & Induction Dist., Hartford, Conn.,

Feb. 25, 1943          Shipped by rail to Atlantic City, NJ for 10 days Basic Training.

March 8, 1943              Transferred to Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY for 8 weeks College Training Detachment

May 19, 1943            Assigned Class 44-D. Transferred to San Antonio Aviation Classification Center

October 2, 1943          Transferred to Coleman Army Airfield, 304th   AAFFTD, CAAF Flight Training Detachment, Central Flight Training Command, Coleman, TX for 8 weeks of Primary single-engine pilot training

December 6, 1943         Transferred to Strother Field, AAFFTC, 32nd Wing, Winfield, Kansas for 8 weeks Basic single-engine pilot Training

February 9, 1944          Transferred to Aloe AAFB, 2538th AAFBU, AAFCFTC, 77th Wing, AAFAFS, Victoria, Texas, for 12 weeks advanced single-engine pilot training

May 22, 1944              Discharged from military service as aviation cadet to be able to accept appointment as officer

May 23, 1944             Graduated as pilot. Class 44-E. Assigned to VAAF, 3035th Base Unit, WFT, 37th Wing, Victorville, CA for 2 weeks P-39 Transition Training

May 26, 1944              Reported to Victorville AAFBU

June 14, 1944              Placed on temporary duty at Gila Bend, AZ for 2 weeks fixed gunnery course

June 28, 1944           Released from attached unassignment, and attached unassigned to 461st AAFBU, 4th AF, Lemoore AAF, Lemoore, CA, 9-day delay en-route

July 26, 1944               Lemoore AAF. Qualified .45 cal. pistol expert

September 23, 1944     Released from Lemoore AAF and assigned to Chico AAF, 433rd AAFBU, 4th AF, Chico, CA for twin-engine Fighter training. 15 day delay en route

January 11, 1945         Assigned from Chico AAF, to travel by P-38, to Daggett, Municipal Airport, Daggett, CA on temporary duty for aerial gunnery training

May 3, 1945                Transferred to Salinas AAB, Salinas, CA

May 30, 1945          Released from Chico AAFBU and transferred attached unassigned to 440th AAFBU at Santa Maria for proficiency            phase training

June 2, 1945              Transferred from Chico to Santa Maria AAF

June 5, 1945             Santa Maria, CA, unassigned attached to 440th AADBU for flying duty

June 29, 1945            Released from 440th AAFBU, Santa Maria and transferred by rail & attached unassigned to 451st AAFBU, Sq. T, Salinas AAB for overseas movement

July 2, 1945               Transferred from Santa Maria to Salinas

July 18, 1945             Released from attached 451st AAFBU (Salinas) and assigned to Shipment No. FS-CV-proceed by rail to Hamilton Field, CA to arrive by July 21. To Port of Embarkation ATC (Air Transport Command) for TDY (temporary duty), to Manila & report to 22nd Replacement Depot for assignment

July 28, 1945             Departed U.S.

August 3, 1945           Arrived Manila

August 6, 1945        Appointed to Hq., 8th Ftr. Gp., based on Ie Shima, as wingman pdy (permanent duty), 5th AF, V FC (5th Air Force, Fifth Fighter Command). Assigned to 36th Ftr. Sqdn.

November 17, 1945  8th Ftr. Gp. moved to Ashiya Air Base, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan

May 22, 1946          8th Ftr. Gp.  Appointed Instructor in AT-6

June 4, 1946           Released   from 36th Ftr. Sqdn., 8th Ftr. Gp. & attached unassigned to 4th Replacement Depot, APO 703 for processing and return to the U.S.

June 14, 1946         Departed for the U.S. on SS Sea Star

June 28, 1946         Arrived U.S.

July 2, 1946          Separation Center, Camp Beale, CA.  27 days’ leave granted, 5 days travel. On terminal leave from 7/2/46- 8/2/46

August 2, 1946      Separated from service